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Q: What if I'm self conscious?

A : If anything, I find doing a boudoir session boosts women's self-esteem and makes them less self conscious. It's such a rewarding transformation to see a woman a little self-conscious at the beginning of a session to being totally comfortable in the end. It is music to my ears when a woman sees the photos after and tells me she loves what she sees and feels beautiful. No matter what size or shape you are, I know all the flattering angles and how to emphasize your assets and downplay parts you are self-conscious of. Boudoir sessions are about celebrating your curves! Common things like cellulite, blemishes, stretch marks, etc are easy to edit out so don't worry yourself about that! Get lingerie that makes you feel beautiful and have fun with it.


Q: Will my images be posted online?

A: It's completely up to you! I will not post any without your permission. If you are willing to let me post any of your photos, of course I will be thrilled but I completely respect your privacy and your choice in that department. You will have a private password-protected gallery online to choose which photos you would like to purchase. It's up to you, who you share the password with.


Q: Where do we do the session?

A: There are a few options so email me for more info on that! : )


Q: What do I bring to the session?

A: I suggest bringing at least 3-4 outfits to choose from. Take a look at the "tips" section for more advice on wardrobe and more. If you have more, that is great as I can help you narrow them down to the best ones, but more isn't necessary. : ) I don't supply clothing or props but you're welcome to personalize your session by bringing anything you might like to incorporate. I'm happy to help you choose which outfits to use at the start of the session.


Q: Is it just you and I present at the session?

A: It's up to you. The makeup artist is available to stay for the session (at an additional cost) if you'd like to try a slightly different look for the second part of your session but if you' rather it just you and I, that is completely fine.

There are also discounts if you get 1 or more friends to do a session the same day as well. You can turn it into a pin-up party! Please fill out the contact form for more information about that. : )


Q: What retouching/editing do you do on the images?

A: I like things to look natural and don't like to over airbrush the skin, but I do skin softening where needed and remove cellulite, blemishes, stretch marks, etc. Tings like tan lines and tattoos cost extra to edit.


Q: Do you travel out of Kelowna for sessions?

A: Yes I do. If it's within the Okanagan, between Vernon and Penticton, the travel charge is 50¢/km return outside of Kelowna, within the Okanagan. Contact me for a custom quote if you live farther than that and would like me to travel to you for a session.


Q: When will I receive my images?

A: You will receive the link to your private online gallery of proofs within 2-3 weeks of our session. Once you place your order, your images will be sent to you via a digital download link. If you purchase a book, you will get to view the layout before I order it and it usually takes about 10 business days to arrive.


Q: How and when should I book my session?

A: I recommend contacting me 6 weeks before you would like to do your session to guarantee a spot, but feel free to contact me to see if I have any spots open closer if you are rushing to get the photos for a birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day, etc and I'll see what I can do.





Wear something nice and loose like a dress for at least a couple hours leading up to the session to avoid having any indentation from jeans/belts, etc. Moisturizing is also important to make your skin look soft and fantastic!



A professional makeup artist is available for your boudoir session! You will have time before your session to go over what look you would like to go for. I also highly recommend getting your hair done professionally as well. Remember you will be changing angles a lot, lying on your back, etc so you don't want something that is going to get messed up easily. Because of this, wearing your hair down is best. Think soft and sexy. : ) Getting your hair and makeup done also makes you feel like confidence and taps into your inner bombshell!


What to wear:

Wear what makes you feel sexy! Things that look fantastic in photos are things with texture like lace, frills, silk, etc. You can even incorporate a cute top from your wardrobe (or your boyfriend!) paired with some cute underwear. It's fun to think about the box and be creative. A great pair of heels look amazing too! Feel free to bring extra outfit options to your session and I can help you choose which textures/colours will look best in the photos.


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